Black Stories Matter

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have produced, directed and starred in a short film supported by ‪Manchester International Festival called Black Stories Matter.

About The Film

Black Stories Matter explores the everyday experiences of Black women in the workplace and dating. The film features stories, conversations & poetry derived from real experiences and is produced and directed by Cultureville Co-founders and sisters Ronke Jane Adelakun and Adeola Adelakun. 

Next Steps

After watching the film, you may be wondering what you can do to help. We have created videos that outline some simple ways you advocate for your Black peers and appreciate Black culture correctly.  

8 ways to be a good ally for racial equality:

You may be wondering where to start when wanting to advocate for racial equality, this video breaks down 8 simple ways to start. 

5 ways to fight racism as a Black person:

As the fight against racism continues, we want to arm you with practical tips to help ensure that racial discrimination ends with this generation. In this video we break down 5 ways you can fight racism as a black person. 

Cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation

In this video we break down the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. We discuss whether it is offensive to wear African fabrics and how to avoid being an appropriator.

Resources and support

We understand that some of the topics raised during the film could be triggering therefore we have collated the following list of resources which are specifically for race related counselling and support: 

Free group counselling: 

Peer support: 

Black Minds Matter – 

CAHN (Caribbean and African Health Network) –


We had some incredible poems and stories that we loved but couldn't include in the film, so we decided to make some of them available to you here. 

My People 


Princess Problem 


An Ode to Sisterhood