About Cultureville

Two sisters in African print dresses with one sitting on a brown tree log and the other helping adjust her head wrap while smiling at her in the park with lots of green trees

Cultureville is an ethical, sustainable, award-winning fashion brand that specialises in hand-crafted clothing and accessories that feature bold African wax prints in contemporary designs. Our prints are ethically sourced from West Africa, where we are proud to work closely with tailors, artisans and suppliers in the local community. Our production is based in Nigeria and Ghana and led by a female management team.

The brand was created by two sisters - Adeola and Ronke Jane and like many people born in Africa and living in the diaspora, we struggled to find clothes that combine contemporary fashion with traditional African prints. We longed to walk into a store and see clothes that reflected our African heritage, in stylish designs that we could easily incorporate into our day-to-day wardrobes. We had a vision to make modern African fashion more accessible to everyone and with this in mind, we created Cultureville.

Cultureville creates clothing and accessories which merge the stunning African prints we loved growing up with styles that fit in seamlessly with your wardrobe. Using rich colours and traditional patterns, we offer a selection of ethically sourced West-African clothing and accessories with a modern twist. Our vision is to change the narrative of Africa from a continent that needs saving, to one that has immense beauty and talent to offer the world. Our mission is creating stunning African pieces and empowering every person that is part of what we do to look good, feel good and do good.

Since our inception, we have been incredibly honoured to be featured in a range of publications and media platforms including Hello Magazine, Glam Africa Magazine, Stylist Magazine, the Strategist Magazine (UK), Manchester’s Finest, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

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Adeola & Ronke Jane
Cultureville Founders