About Cultureville

Two sisters in African print dresses with one sitting on a brown tree log and the other helping adjust her head wrap while smiling at her in the park with lots of green trees


We are two sisters born in Nigeria and raised with the passion and boldness of the African culture instilled in us.

Living in the UK, we found it extremely difficult to find affordable, high quality and stylish clothing that featured the vibrant prints and intricate patterns that were the hallmark of our cultural clothing in designs that integrated our personal styles.

We decided to face the challenge head-on by creating a brand that would address our issues and cater to our needs - thus began Cultureville.

Our brand is a beautiful union of bold print and sophisticated style. It is founded on the values of integrity, quality and value - in short, we will only create clothing that we would be excited to wear and we will only sell it at a price we would be willing to buy it. With this in mind, we hope you have a better understanding of our brand. To read our full story head over to our blog or follow us on Instagram.

Happy Shopping!

Adeola & Jane
Creators of Cultureville