Culture Pod: Episode 7 | Life After Lockdown.. Our Predictions


In this podcast we predict what life after COVID-19 will look like and how our day to day lives have been changed by coronavirus.

The Culture Pod is hosted by two sisters, Adeola and Ronke-Jane who are the creators of the African print clothing brand Cultureville. The pair recently quit their corporate jobs to run the business full time.

Cultureville is a luxury African print brand that specialises in hand crafted clothing and accessories featuring stunning Ankara wax prints made in West Africa by tailors and artisans in local communities.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Hanifa 3D Fashion Show:

Free Face Masks:…d2a0a89&_ss=r

Connect with us:
Adeola - @adeysilver
Ronke Jane - @thishartofmine
Cultureville - @cultureville


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