8 Activities to Do on Christmas Day!

8 Activities to Do on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day is fast approaching and its a great time to spend time with friends and family. You may be spending it with family and friends you see regularly or it may have been a while since you were able to see your loved ones, either way you want the special day to be as special as possible. We have collated a few ways to ensure you spend quality time with your loved ones this Christmas Day:

1. Cooking With Family

Christmas Day is the ideal time to cook your best dishes and in our family each person makes two dishes that they have made successfully in the past. It is often not a great time to experiment with new recipes as you want to ensure that the food will be edible and everyone will enjoy it. The excitement, yummy smells and some Christmas music in the background to rock to will definitely get the Christmas spirit going in your home.

2. Playing Board Games

Family playing games

From monopoly to dominos to scrabble, board games are often a great way to bring people together. Everyone huddles round the board and is focused on the task of winning the game. Game time is filled with trash talk, laughter and a competitive spirit.

3. Going To Church

Black family in red in front of a house

Church service on Christmas Day is usually filled with beautiful Christmas Carols, acting out the Christmas story and people to celebrate the season with. It can be a great way to remember why we celebrate the season and can be a lovely Christmas tradition to set with your family.

4. Watching Christmas Movies

A range of Christmas movies featuring black actors on the cover

Christmas movies are a great way to bring all members of the family together. Have some post meal snacks ready and choose either a classic or something new that you are all yet to watch. From  Love Actually to The Best Man Holiday to The Holiday, a Christmas movie is a great way to bring the family together on Christmas Day.

5. Singing Christmas Songs

Black family singing around a piano

Singing together is another special way to bring the family together whether you love old classics like Silent Night and Joy to the world or prefer newer classics like Santa Tell Me and All I want for Christmas is You. To make it super interesting, you can choose a family member to perform to different songs karaoke style and vote for the best performance!

6. Having A Meal Together

Black family eating around a Christmas decorated table

One of the central parts of Christmas is having everyone sit around a table and eat the yummy food you have cooked. The food is often a labour of love and it is great to give compliments back to each chef who created such a special Christmas meal. From Turkey to Parsnips to Christmas Cake, it is the one day of the year where we are allowed to eat till we are bursting!

7. Giving Gifts

Two girls exchanging gifts with a Christmas tree in the background

Generousity is a huge part of Christmas and giving gifts is often a wonderful experience. It is so heart warming to see the recipient enjoy the fact that you have taken the time to select a gift for them. You can view our Christmas Gifts  here

8. Christmas Trivia

Black Family playing trivia with a Christmas Tree in the background

Get the group into teams and play some Christmas Trivia to get the team spirit going as the teams battle to win first place. Christmas quizzes are a great way to test their knowledge of Christmas and have the competitive juices flowing!


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