What to do for Valentine's Day 2021 | Socially Distanced Date Ideas

What to do for Valentine's Day 2021 | Socially Distanced Date Ideas

5 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether you and your partner are together or apart. 

1. Bring their dream destination to them

Recreate your partner's favourite trip or bring a place they've always wanted to visit to them. Decorate their living space to resemble the location. create a meal based on that cuisine and teleport them to the location with some good music from their dream locale and perhaps use a projector to bring the destination to life. 

Socially distanced alternative: 

If you guys aren't together physically, enlist the help of someone in their bubble. Get a meal from their dream destination delivered alongside a few decorative items to bring it all to life. 


2. Let the games begin 

Grab your favourite two player games and make a night of it, add a little twist with forfeits for the loser and treats for the winner. From puzzles to quizzes about your relationship, this is a great chance to find out new facts about your partner.

Socially distanced alternative:

Prepare all the games in advance (games you can play over zoom), assemble a nicely decorated box/basket filled with the bits they will need to get involved along with a few of their favourite snacks and get it delivered before valentines day. 

Some socially distanced game recommendations:

- Who knows the other best: test your partner with a few questions about you 

- Houseparty - great selection of games from uno to heads up 


3. A night at the movies 

Have the perfect night in with a super cosy movie night. Turn your living room into a luxury theatre with lots of cushions and blankets. Set up a projector against a large white wall to create the cinema feel and complete the experience with all your parter's favourite cinema snacks. 

Socially distanced alternative:

Create a cosy vibe and stream the same movie as your significant other. Use apps like Teleparty  to get you perfectly in sync when watching on your favourite streaming platform. Have the same snacks on hand so you can feel like you're actually together IRL. 


4. Make a meal out of it 


Get hands on with your partner as you prepare a recipe you guys have always wanted to try. Grab the raw ingredients from your closest store and get cooking. You can take this to the next level by taking a zoom cooking class together and putting your new gourmet skills to the test. 

NOTE: Have your favourite takeaway on standby as results are not guaranteed - don't say we didn't warn you. 

Socially distanced alternative:

Get the groceries delivered and rustle up the dish together over zoom. Go above and beyond by also getting a complimentary wine and dessert delivered to your partner as well as a gorgeous bouquet, this will certainly make it a Valentine's date to remember. 


5. Teach them how it's done 

Learn a new skill or craft with your partner. There are so many digital classes you can attend from cocktail making to candle making,  you're bound to find a class that complements your interests.  

We hope these 5 ideas help you create a Valentine's Day date that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Also make sure you don't drop the ball when it comes to the gift, we've made it super easy with our Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide - check out the blog here for lots of unique gift ideas. We wish you a lovely Valentine's Day. 

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