Meet the Woven Wonders of the Heritage Collection

Meet the Woven Wonders of the Heritage Collection

Have you ever wondered about the stories behind your favorite accessories? At Culturevile, we believe that every piece tells a tale, and our latest collection of woven accessories is no exception.

A key focus of The Heritage Collection was on craftsmanship, using traditional weaving techniques that have been preserved by African artisans for generations. The result of this is a stunning range of statement woven accessories that are more than just fashion - they're art. 

Oyin Woven Bag

The Oyin Woven Bag is a standout piece, meticulously woven from high quality rattan crafted into a distinctive half moon shape. It features a blend of warm, earthy tones that evoke the landscapes of Africa. It's lightweight yet sturdy qualities make it make it the perfect companion for a beach day.

Raffia Infinity Earrings

Our Raffia Infinity Earrings are a true statement piece and a stunning addition to our Heritage Collection. Made from sustainably sourced raffia, these earrings feature an elegant infinity design that symbolises timeless beauty. Lightweight and versatile, they add a touch of drama to any outfit.

Mustard Raffia Circle Earrings

Brighten up your look with our Mustard Raffia Circle Earrings. These bold accessories are crafted from natural raffia, dyed in a vibrant mustard hue. Their circular design is both modern and playful, making them an excellent choice for adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Multicoloured Woven Fan

Stay cool and stylish with our Multicoloured Woven Fan. Handwoven from a mix of natural fibers, this fan features a stunning array of colors and patterns. It’s not just a practical accessory but also a beautiful piece of art that you can carry with you.

Moni Dome Woven Earrings

The Moni Dome Woven Earrings are a celebration of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Handcrafted from raffia, these dome-shaped earrings are lightweight and eye-catching, perfect for adding a touch of interest to any ensemble.

At Culturevile, we are committed to sustainability and ethical production. Our woven accessories are made from natural fibers like raffia and cotton, which are eco-friendly and biodegradable. We work directly with local artisans, supporting their communities and preserving traditional crafts.

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