Five ways to style the Kemi African print crop top

Five ways to style the Kemi African print crop top

Here at Cultureville we aim to keep customers up to date with the latest trends and fashions worldwide. We hope to inspire you to make our items as versatile as possible within your wardrobes. So, we as a collective have put together five looks using only the Kemi Halter Neck Crop Top As our spotlight piece.


1. On the move

This look is the perfect outfit for a woman looking to be on the go! Whether you’re just popped out to run some errands or you’re meeting up with friends for lunch this outfit is an inner-city girl's travel essential.

relaxed spring travel look featuring African print crop top in blue Ankara print

This look features:


2. Dinner date look

This outfit was planned for sophisticated dining in mind. Suitable for a romantic evening away or a family summer party event, a short heel paired with lightweight accessories and open flared trouser makes this outfit Transitional from all day to night occasions. 

Spring dinner date special occasion outfit inspiration with African print top

This look features:


3. The meeting with the boss look

This is an outfit that uses block colour and length as its advantage. Traditionally complex patterns and colour of this vibrancy wouldn't normally be seen within the office look book. By working with a block beige colour palette Cultureville has been able to highlight patterns as a form of accessory to create a sophisticated and minimalistic approach to colour within the workspace.

Women's sophisticated minimalist spring African patterned office wear look

This look features:


 4. The summer beach house look

This summer outfit is all about creating an empowering feeling, as if you’ve just come straight off the beach into a dinner date with 007 him-self and a Marti in hand. This feminine look was created for a luxury getaway in mind. Whether you're travelling and exploring local culture or looking for something to relax by the pool in this is the perfect outfit to do so.

Woman's Loose-fitting Two piece summer beach holiday inspiration look

This look features:


5. The guest of the bride look

We can all admit one of the hardest events to plan an outfit for is a wedding no matter the culture. with so many things to consider like modesty, being shoulders in or out, length of gown being too long or too short, and God forbid a colour clash with the bride!

Here at Cultureville we have come up with a fool proof look for those last-minute wedding invites.

Emerald Green floor length two piece elegant anniversary/ wedding/special occasion inspired look

This look features:


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Cultureville xoxo.

Written By: Sophie Holloway 

Sophie Holloway is our fashion and marketing assistant here at Cultureville! Sophie works within design construction and digital content creating to explore her passion for cultural stories within surface designs.


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