Culture Pod: Episode 8 | Our Experiences of Racism #BlackStoriesMatter

Culture Pod: Episode 8 | Our Experiences of Racism #BlackStoriesMatter

In this podcast we kick off off our #BlackStoriesMatter series with a raw and vulnerable retelling of the racist and discriminatory incidents we've experienced. We speak on why the BLM movement is so important and what our plan is to tackle racism.


Culture Pod · Our Experiences Of Racism #BlackStoriesMatter


The Culture Pod is hosted by two sisters, Adeola and Ronke-Jane who are the creators of the African print clothing brand Cultureville. we recently quit our corporate jobs to run the business full time so we speak on our experiences as young entrepreneurs from corporate culture to the struggles of adulting.

As two young women born in Nigeria and brought up in the UK, we longed to walk into a store and see clothes that reflected our African heritage, in stylish designs that we could easily incorporate into our day-to-day wardrobes. Nothing like that existed at the time, so we set about creating it.

We started by listing a few African inspired dresses on Depop and received overwhelming support, so we created an entire collection of luxury, hand crafted clothing and accessories featuring stunning Ankara wax prints made in West Africa by tailors and artisans and made it available worldwide, and so Cultureville was born.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Free Face Masks:…int-face-masks

Connect with us:
Adeola - @adeysilver
Ronke Jane - @thishartofmine
Cultureville - @cultureville


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