Culture Pod: Episode 3 | The journey to feeling free in my skin

Culture Pod: Episode 3 - 

From looking like the Letter P to feeling like a Bad B...  The journey to feeling free in my skin

In this stripped back, vulnerable episode, Cultureville co-founder Ronke Jane speaks honestly about her body hang-ups and where they stemmed from. She discuses how she was able build her confidence and the day-to-day tips she uses to overcome negative self talk. This episode is part of the Freedom series where the founders of Cultureville discuss the inspiration behind The Freedom Collection.


This podcast is hosted by two sisters, Adeola and Ronke-Jane who are the creators of the African print clothing brand Cultureville and are currently running the business full time.

Cultureville is a luxury African print brand that specialises in hand crafted clothing and accessories featuring stunning Ankara wax prints made in West Africa by tailors and artisans in local communities.

Connect with us:
Adeola - @adeysilver
Ronke Jane - @thishartofmine

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