All about Menswear

All about Menswear

Fashion is about creating your own style, in 2020 just about anything goes. People are not afraid to be bold with their style choices, to mix and match smart with street style.

Menswear has evolved from formal suits that were popular at the beginning of the 20th century to casual tops and bottoms thanks to the innovation in fabrics, manufacturing techniques and globalisation. Inspiration and changes to fashion are usually a sign of the times and over the years and has been influenced by sport, celebrities, war, music, women’s fashion and street culture.

At this moment in time youth culture and street fashion influence designers such as LVMH’s Kim Jones and Virgil Abloh who have in recent times changed the narrative of men’s fashion creating a style that has trickled down to the high street. Virgil is a big fan of oversized fit, everyday wear and added details. Kim is a champion for streetwear and artwork fused into fashion. It is the influence from designers such as Kim and Virgil with their collaborations with streetwear brands that have set the scene for this decades men’s fashion.

Cultureville embraces all types of menswear with clothing for all occasions from hoodies and kaftans to shirts and bow ties. There are timeless pieces that you have the opportunity to experiment with, for instance by going with an item a few sizes bigger you can be into the 80’s oversized trend. 

Blazers are traditionally a formal clothing piece, however now the smart casual is in fashion, when not using blazers for special occasions they can be worn with a simple t-shirt for a laid-back feel.

Due to the relaxed nature of fashion, sports style which includes hoodies and joggers are not just reserved for the gym and are now an acceptable everyday wear look. Fashion has adapted to make these items stylish.

Co-ord sets are a trend that never goes out of style, it makes you seem put together with minimal effort. They can be worn as a co-ord to give a striking bold look as well as separates giving you various wardrobe options. Cultureville’s signature co-ord set is the kaftan top and shorts which encompasses the smart casual trend.

As an African brand, bold prints are a signature feature. African prints are a statement, symbolic and represent African culture. We also provide variety in our prints with some more colourful than others, which allow for understated looks.

Men’s fashion has evolved over the years, it is in a great place which allows for personal creativity and is inclusive, to allow for everybody to wear what they want when they want. Cultureville is here to keep you on trend and allow you the freedom to create your own style.

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