5 Things You Can Do With A Head Wrap

5 Things You Can Do With A Head Wrap

As we approach the end of lockdown, the time has come to start thinking about all the exciting activities we'll get up to once we're out and about. After months of being cooped up inside, we are ready to show up and show out with some show stopping  outfits.

What kind of Clan would we be if we didn't help you look and feel your best? We want to make sure that when you can finally step out, you make a splash without breaking the bank. We’ve broken down 5 easy ways to style your head wrap to add a different dimension to your post-lockdown outfits. 

1. Bow Crop Top 

Craft a whole new outfit out of your head wrap by tying it as a bow crop top. Bow crop tops pair really well with some black jeans and block heels or you can transform it into a co-ord by pairing it with a matching bottom.

(Kente Head Wrap)

This super stylish rendition of the head wrap is easy to achieve, watch the step-by-step tutorial below on how to achieve it.


2. Wrap skirt/Sarong

Transform your head wrap into a wrap skirt/sarong simply by placing a large head wrap around your waist and tying with a knot. You can also achieve this look with either a head wrap or some of our gorgeous fabrics. Step out of isolation summer ready with this easy breezy sarong skirt styling of your head wrap. 

3. Scarf

Add a touch of class to your corporate wardrobe by tying your head wrap as neck tie. This super cute styling also works really well with our silk scarves

4.Bag Ribbon

Elevate your old accessories by trying your head wrap as a ribbon around your handbag. This will give your old bags a whole new lease of life and allow you to coordinate your handbags to your Cultureville outfits. 

5. Turban Head Wrap

An oldie but a goodie. The turban style head wrap is a classic fit for all occasions. Whether you're in the mood to get all dressed up or whether you're just trying to hide a bad hair day, this head wrap style will elevate any outfit.
Check out our video on how to tie a head wrap for some head wrap inspiration. 

Now that you know some alternative ways to style your head wrap, you can get so much more use out of it. Check out Cultureville's collection of gorgeous head wraps here to find your perfect fit.

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