2022 Holiday Essentials

2022 Holiday Essentials

We’re finally starting to travel again but it’s been so long you may have forgotten what to take with you, so here are 5 of our African print travel essentials that will elevate your next trip. 

1. Side bag / Bucket bag 

African print side bag in multicoloured tribal pattern

Side bags are definitely a must-have for your holiday. They ensure all your essentials safely stored while you travel, while their portable sizes mean you’re not weighed down as you embark on your adventures.


2. Bucket Hat

Red, yellow and black African print bucket hat

Combine fashion and function with a stylish bucket hat. Not only do they provide UV protection and preventing heat stroke in hotter climates, they also add warmth when in cooler climates all while making you look good! 


3. Multifunctional Outfits 


With many airlines decreasing their baggage allowances it’s important you get the most use out of each outfit you pack so we recommend the following: 

Danshiki: A Danshiki is the multi-functional top for all occasions. It can be dressed up for nights out, tied as a crop top for days our or worn as a cover up for beach days. 

Kaftan Set (For Him): This short and shirt co-ord set gives you three looks out of one outfit, in addition it’s super lightweight and comfortable while not compromising on style. 

Kaftan Dress (For Her):  Similarly to the Danshiki, the Kaftan dress can be paired with heels for a more formal look or worn with sandals for a more relaxed vibe. Again it’s super comfortable for the ultimate relaxation while you’re on vacay.  

If you’re low on luggage space, these summer essential will definitely help you cover all your bases. 


4. Fan

It’s essential you regulate your body temperature while travelling to warmer climates so in addition to staying hydrated, we recommend taking a fan with you. Our stunning African print fans are portable and you won’t have to worry about lugging additional gadgets like batteries or a charger with you. 


5. Masks 

 While we are finally emerging from a pandemic, it’s important to stay vigilant so you don’t bring back any unwanted souvenirs from your trip. We advice packing a few reusable face masks to make sure you stay safe. These will definitely come in handy at the airport.

We hope our list of African print travel essentials help you make the most of your next trip. If you do take any of these items with you, tag us @cultureville, we’d love to see! 

Written by: Ronke Jane Adelakun

Ronke Jane is the co-founder and creative director of Cultureville. In addition to her roles at Cultureville, she is a writer, photographer and digital content creator with a passion for providing greater representation for Black women. 







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