10 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

10 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

It's officially October which marks the start of UK Black History Month. While the contributions of the black community should be celebrated every day, this month we pay special attention to how black people have shaped our society and celebrate all things black and beautiful.

You may be wondering what you can do to celebrate BHM, we've got you covered with 10 simple ways to celebrate Black History Month 2022 with links to some useful resources.


1. Make foods and drinks from different black cultures 

Ghanian Jollof - Tasty.co


Nothing brings people together like food which is what makes it a great way to connect with a range of black cultures. From Jollof Rice to Jerk Chicken there is a treasure trove of options to choose from. Recreating these recipes are also a great way to start conversations with the kids about other cultures. Why not give some of these recipes a try. 

African recipes - https://cheflolaskitchen.com/category/african-recipes/

Caribbean recipes - https://caribbeanpot.com/recipe-index/

Soul food recipes - https://www.brit.co/black-history-month-virtual-potluck-recipes/


2. Get to know some new black creators

Ronke Hart Photos

From blogs to podcasts to influencers, there are so many amazing black creators in Every. Single. Industry. producing some incredible content. Whether it's for education or entertainment, you can seek out some incredible creators in your interest area.

Here's a list of talented black creators in different sectors to get you started: 



3. Appreciate clothing from black cultures 

Cultureville Ana Head Wrap


In our recent video, we break down the difference between cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation. This black history month, you can celebrate black culture by supporting authentically sourced clothing from black cultures.

If you want to go a step further, you can do some research into the history behind some of the outfits you love. Here is a good one about the evolution of head wraps: 

The evolution of head wraps - Huffington Post


4. Play games centred around celebrating black heroes

Black Panther - Vanity Fair

The portrayal of black people in popular media is largely negative. We can counteract this by normalising the celebration of black achievements in the games we play. 

Why not play a game like Who Am I centred around black heroes?

5. Movie night with shows and films featuring a black lead 

When They See Us
When They See Us - Netflix


One objective of Black History Month is to increase representation and visibility of black people, both on and off screen. Why not opt for a show/movie featuring a Black lead for your next movie night?

10 Netflix Shows & Movies with a Black Lead


6. Read books by black authors 

The Smart Money Woman - Amazon


If reading is a hobby of yours or a habit you want to pick up, one way you can celebrate Black History Month is by reading books by black authors. We've curated a list of amazing books by black authors to get you started:

10 Books by Black Authors To Read In Lockdown


7. Highlight the achievements of black people in your community

Michaela Coel - Afropunk

One powerful way you can empower and celebrate black people during Black History Month is by using your platform(s) to highlight the achievements of black people in your community. 

Your voice has impact - use it. If you personally know someone who is doing amazing work, highlight them. If you don't, seek them out. Black History Month is not just about celebrating Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.'s, there are people in your community right now doing incredible things. Seek them out, shout them out, encourage people you know to check out their work.  


8. Shop from a black owned business

Cultureville - Ada Skater Dress


Actions speak louder than words. If you're truly about celebrating Black people, put your money where your mouth is. By spending with a black owned business, you are contributing to financial equity for the black community. Currently less than 1% of venture capital goes to black founders. By shopping with black owned brands, you are helping to bridge the financial gap. 

Here are some directories featuring amazing black owned businesses you can shop from:

99 Black-Owned, U.K.-Based Businesses to Support

Black-Owned UK Businesses To Buy From - Bustle

Bet On Black 


9. Donate to charities that support the black community

Kyso Club


Speaking of putting your money where your mouth is, there are a lot of charitable organisations, both in the UK and beyond doing great work in black communities.  Here are some of our favourites you can donate to:




10. Make history

Ronke Hart Photos


Today, black people still face oppression and discrimination on a daily basis. The best way you can celebrate black history is by making it. What will generations to come to say about this moment in time? Did you make things better for black people?

You and I can make history by committing to be a part of the solution. Advocate for racial equality, raise anti-racist kids, educate yourself on black issues. The work isn't done, it's only just beginning. Here are some simple ways you can fight for racial equality:

5 Ways To Fight Racism As A Black Person

8 Ways To Be A Good Ally For Racial Equality


Thank you for reading our suggestions of ways you can celebrate Black History Month 2022. If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below, or alternatively you can email us at info@cultureville.co.uk or send us a direct message on instagram @cultureville

Have an incredible Black History Month!


Wriiten By: Ronke Jane Adelakun

Ronke Jane is the co-founder and creative director of Cultureville. In addition to her roles at Cultureville, she is a writer, photographer and digital content creator with a passion for providing greater representation for Black women. 

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