FAQ's - Free Reusable African Print Masks

In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are offering our customers one free reusable African print face mask made from 100% cotton Ankara cloth in African patterns. 

1. Do I have to wear a mask?

It differs from country to country. In the United Kingdom, the prime minister, Boris Johnson has announced that people should wear face masks in public spaces.In the United States, it is mandatory to enter public places. 

2. Are Cultureville's African print face masks reusable?

Yes! Sanitise your mask then store in a clean dry place until you’re ready to use your mask again.

3. Are the masks medical grade ?

No, our reusable Ankara African print face masks are not medical grade and should NOT be used in place of Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

In line with CDC guidelines, Cultureville masks are made from double lined, 100% cotton, Ankara wax print which have been shown to slow the spread of the virus

4. If the masks are not medical grade, how do they protect me against COVID?

Our reusable African print face masks slow the spread of COVID-19 by preventing you from touching your face which is the most common way the virus is transmitted

Also when worn by affected individuals, our protective face masks reduce the distance which droplets from coughs or sneezes can travel.

5.How often should I sanitise my mask?

You should sanitise our resubale Ankara face masks after each use by washing with cool water and detergent. We include very detailed care instructions with the masks which tell you exactly how to sanitise them.

5. How much are they?

Cultureville's reusable African print face masks are £0.00, yes they are FREE! We just ask that you cover the delivery cost of getting them to you.

6. Why are our reusable face masks free?

We believe everyone should have the resources they need to stay safe, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Many people have lost their jobs during this time and we believe staying safe is a necessity not a luxury

8. Which countries can I order from?

You can order Cultureville's reusable African print face masks in the United States, Europe and Nigeria.

7. Where can I get one?


8. Can I get more than one mask?

Only if you’re healthcare personnel or a healthcare organisation. We want to fulfil our mission of protecting as many people as possible so at this time we can only offer one mask per person

9. How can I support the ‘Stay safe with Cultureville’ initiative ?

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