Adinkra Kente African Print Pouch Bag

Adinkra Kente African Print Pouch Bag

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Hand crafted, ethically made Ankara pouch made from sustainably selected Ankara wax print and finished with a striking mixture of Adinkra and Kente African print patterns.

Adinkra symbols are pictographs that encapsulate the traditional wisdom and knowledge of the Akan people. Their powerful messages transcend cultural boundaries and resonate with everyone irrespective of their country of origin or heritage.

Kente cloth originates from Ghana and is associated with the Akan tribe. Kente cloth is traditionally woven and was previously reserved for Akan royals in the past. Over time, kente print fabric has become mainstream and is know for its recognisable prints and colours.


This item is the ideal accessory for a day out, holidays and meetings.


This item can be used as an accessory for holidays and special occasions. 

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Product details:

  • Kente Wax Print - 100% Cotton
  • Designed in England
  • Made in Ghana

Care Instructions:

  • Spot clean